Andrew Pittsley

1430 Cheboygan Rd.
Okemos, MI 48864
Andrew provides personalized IT services to small to large businesses. Below are examples of some of his work.

MI School Data - A portal created to provide educators and the public with real-time access to a variety of educational data.

Prescription Golf - We are dedicated to making players better golfers through development of club technology and psychomotor skill enhancement of the golfer. Since "golf clubs do not play golf", there is limited public service in selling only the clubs. We sell technology and novel ideas to improve golfers.

Dr Lanny's Insoles - These wedged insoles have the potential of being a real benefit for the most common arthritic problem of the knee; those people with localized problem only on the inner side.

Dr Lanny's Knee Action - Golf is hard on the knees, especially ones that have had injury or arthritis. Read on to see a scientific based solution that will allow you to continue to play a game you love and it seems your knees hate.

Information Health Network

3x10=0 Full Extension Knee Device is for the patient who lacks passive extension of the knee. offers an alternative solution for Internet users wishing to learn about the possible condition(s) causing their knee-joint problem. is a clinical diagnostic questionnaire for Internet users seeking solutions to their knee problem. The software predicts the presence or absence of surgical indications and also produces a list of probable and possible diagnoses, including the specific reliability of each result. is the first in a series of unique clinical instruments designed to assist Internet users in making informed choices about their medical care. is a cost effective marketing tool for health care providers. FreeKnee websites are created for sponsors to provide a public service that enables prospective patients to quickly and accurately obtain an unbiased evaluation of their knee problem for free.

OUCH! - If you operate for pain, shouldn't you measure it?

Benevolent Dictator is comprehensive in its approach of addressing the orthopedists computerized patient medical record. From patient history to physical exam and operative report, the software compiles a complete patient record, generates reports, and allows for immediate retrieval of information. The Benevolent Dictator software system addresses the Evaluation and Management reporting requirements and allows outcome studies to be simply produced.

History Makar is an exciting new way to take the patients' medical history. The patient inputs his or her own medical history via touch screen technology. This information is directly entered into the computer system minimizing or eliminating the need to allocate human resources in that area. The data is combined with other data in the Benevolent Dictator system for a complete computerized office-based patient medical record.  

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